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NAIHC Board Members Back Kentucky Industrial Hemp Bill

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NAIHC.orgMarch 5 , 2013 – Four North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) board members have been instrumental in efforts to have Kentucky lead the nation in re-commercializing industrial hemp.

Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, North Dakota state representative Dave Monson, retired Kentucky tobacco grower Gale Glenn, and Prof. Paul Mahlberg, a long-time cannabis researcher, all provided expert testimony in Kentucky’s legislative hearings over the past month on creating a state regulatory framework for growing industrial hemp whenever the crop is legalized nationally. Read more about the Kentucky legislation.

The four board members provided detailed information on the non-drug character of industrial hemp, its economic potential and practical information on how hemp would help limit illicit marijuana cultivation.

Read or download the report which Dr. Mahlberg presented to the Kentucky legislators: “Industrial Hemp and its Relationship to Marijuana.” Among its many points, the report notes that in the 15 years since Canada legalized industrial hemp in 1998, “Canada has experienced no illicit marijuana planting, or co-mingling, on farms of hemp.” The report explains why cross-pollination would result in an industrial hemp crop ruining marijuana growing in Kentucky by lowering the drug content of marijuana. The report also lists the many commercial uses of industrial hemp, including using hemp fiber for lightweight panels for the appliance and auto industries and using hemp oils for everything from high-value food and cosmetic products to biofuels.

In the Kentucky hearings, former CIA Director Jim Woosley directly challenged a state police commissioner’s contention that industrial hemp fields would provide cover for growing marijuana. Echoing the points in Dr. Mahlberg report, Mr. Woolsey explained that industrial hemp would make it virtually impossible to grow marijuana anywhere nearby due to cross-pollination.