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Hemp as a Potentially Important Crop and Area of Research

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Analysis of the uses and value of industrial hemp, a research paper presented by NAIHC founding member Dr. Shelby F. Thames of The University of Southern Mississippi, Thames-Rawlins Research Group. In this overview of the promise and research priorities related to Industrial Hemp, Dr. Thames looks at past legislation banning hemp, current controversy, and what needs to be done on  the research side to realize hemp's potential.

Dr. Thames writes: ". . .It has been estimated that by planting only 6% of the continental U.S., we could provide for America’s oil and gas requirements, thereby shifting our dependency toward renewable raw materials and energy independence. By allowing hemp to be grown in the U.S., the agriculture sector would be strengthened and farming practices could become more profitable and sustainable, creating more job opportunities in renewable sustainable hemp-related industries. . .Although the versatility of hemp increases the potential development of numerous products for human consumption and industrial applications, much research is still required. . ."

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