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Hemp Policy

New Zealand May OK Industrial Hemp
 March 29, 2001 1st Story -- Related Story

New Zealand Herald - 

New Zealand government is likely to give a green light for planting industrial hemp in response to growing support for its reintroduction - and growing evidence of the economic benefits offered by industrial hemp.

USDA Promotes Industrial Hemp - in 1942 Film

Transcript of the original 1942 United States Department of Agriculture Film, "Hemp for Victory," extolling some of the many uses of this ancient plant and premier world resource.

State Legislation Updates Fall '99

Getting A Hemp License In Canada

Health Canada

# Article Title
1 Breakthroughs
2 U.S. Department of Justice Letter to DEA Regarding Legality of Hempseed Products
3 US Customs Memo summary/ONDCP Closes Door hemp seed policy
4 U.S. freezes Canadian Hemp Shipments Contrary To New Policy
5 US Hemp Seed Policy, Jan. 2000
6 DEA's Assault on Birdseed
7 DEA Seizes “Birdseed” as Schedule I Narcotic
8 Bird Food is a Casualty of the War on Drugs
9 Affidavits
10 Canada - Hemp returns to area fields
11 Canada - Hemp Oil